Helper::debug_message( string $message, string $separator = "n", mixed $data = false )

Debug method that sets an action to allow third party scripts to hook to it.



(Required) The debug message.


(Optional) The separator that should be used after the message.

Default value: "n"


(Optional) Additional data that will be passed on.

Default value: false




File: includes/libs/helper.class.php

	public static function debug_message( $message, $separator = "\n", $data = false ){
		 * Fires a debug message action.
		 * @param string $message   The message to send to debugger.
		 * @param string $separator A separator to be used.
		 * @param mixed $data       Any type of data that can be passed.
		do_action( 'vimeotheque\debug', $message, $separator, $data );

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