Video_Import::__construct( string $resource_type, bool|string $resource_id = false, bool|string $user_id = false, array $args = array() )

Video_Import constructor.



(Required) The type of resource being queried (album, channel, search, etc.).


(Optional) The resource ID that should be retrieved from Vimeo API.

Default value: false


(Optional) The user ID (if required) that owns the resource or false in case the parameter is not needed.

Default value: false


(Optional) Additional request parameters.

  • 'page'
    (int) The page number to retrieve from Vimeo API.
  • 'per_page'
    (int) Number of results per page.
  • 'query'
    (string) A search query to search within the set of results for further filtering.
  • 'filter'
    (string) Results filtering; has specific value based on the required feed type (ie. playable, embeddable, featured, live, etc.). See Vimeo API docs for the spcific resource imported to get the available filtering options.
  • 'filter_embeddable'
    (bool) Filter results by embeddable videos (true) or non-embeddable videos (false). Requires parameter "filter" to be set to "embeddable".
  • 'filter_playable'
    (bool) Whether to filter the results by playable videos (true) or non-playable videos (false).
  • 'links'
    (string) The page containing the video URI.
  • 'password'
    (string) Password for password restricted resources (ie. showcases).

Default value: array()


File: includes/libs/video-import.class.php

	public function __construct( $resource_type, $resource_id = false, $user_id = false, $args = [] ){

		$this->api = new Vimeo_Api_Query( $resource_type, $resource_id, $user_id, $args );
		$request = $this->api->request_feed();
		// stop on error
		if( is_wp_error( $request ) ){
			$this->errors = $request;
		$result = json_decode( $request['body'], true );
		/* single video entry */
		if( $this->api->get_api_resource()->is_single_entry() ){
			$this->results = $this->api->get_api_resource()->get_formatted_entry( $result );

		$raw_entries = isset( $result['data'] ) ? $result['data'] : [];
		$entries =	[];
		foreach ( $raw_entries as $entry ){
			$_entry = $this->api->get_api_resource()
			                    ->get_formatted_entry( $entry );

			if( !is_null( $_entry ) ) {
				$entries[] = $_entry;
		$this->results = $entries;
		$this->end = ( !isset( $result['paging']['next'] ) || empty( $result['paging']['next'] ) );
		$this->total_items = isset( $result['total'] ) ? $result['total'] : 0;
		$this->page = isset( $result['page'] ) ? $result['page'] : 0;

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