Helper::embed_by_video_id( string $video_id, array $args = array(), bool $echo = true )

Create the embed code based on given parameters



(Required) The Vimeo video ID.


(Optional) An array of arguments used when embedding.

Default value: array()


(Optional) Output the embed code (true) or not (false).

Default value: true




File: includes/libs/helper.class.php

	public static function embed_by_video_id( $video_id, $args = [], $echo = true ){
		$default = [
			'title' => 1,
			'byline' => 1,
			'portrait' => 1,
			'dnt' => 1

		$args = wp_parse_args(

		$embed = sprintf(
			'<iframe src="%s" width="100%%" height="100%%" frameborder="0" allow="autoplay; fullscreen" allowfullscreen></iframe>',
				urlencode( $video_id ),
				http_build_query( $args )

		if( $echo ){
			echo $embed;

		return $embed;

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